Monday, July 23, 2012

Lots of Preparation

There's lots of preparation time and effort to convert an in-person course to online. Not only do I have to reconsider each lecture, but also find activities to correspond with each topic. I'm re-engineering and re-designing all the assignments so they fit an online mode of learning and keep pace with the course.  Most of all, I'm considering what project I want to work on that will help you understand each assignment. There are bound to be a few blips along the way.

I'm busy collecting samples and examples to illustrate my lectures. Then I'll need to prepare each lecture. In an effort to remain spontaneous, I'll wait to record each lecture until the week before. 

I hope you'll find this course stimulating and challenging. I know I continue to learn something new every time I teach it. This fall will be more educational than ever as I take a course that encourages interaction, tactile interaction with materials, and visual acuity and move it into a virtual environment.

Friday, July 13, 2012

What will I write about?

This blog for my Introduction to Rare Book (and Special Collections) Librarianship course. It will be my reflective journal for the course and a place for you to read what I'm experiencing as I teach online this fall and explore special collections in a wide variety of cultural institutions.